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May 2007 Babies
Love comes in small packages...
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27th-Feb-2008 11:39 am - Last call for Surprise Swap!
Last call for the Surprise Birthday Swap. I'm really excited about this swap. I can't wait!

See this post for more info:

When I initially posted to gauge interest in this swap, we had LOTS of mamas and babies who were interested. Let's get a longer list!! I responded to the mamas who said wanted in, but did not send their address. Get those to me.

I will stop taking names on Friday night and have matches up by Saturday afternoon!

So far, I have addresses for:

15th-May-2007 06:30 pm - Birth story and pics...Dial up beware
I know I posted this yesterday, but something happened and it got wonky so I am attempting to re-do it correctly. Emily Lorena May 11, 2007 1:39 PM 9 pounds, 6 ounces 19 1/4 inches long. Birth of EmilyCollapse )
4th-May-2007 07:26 pm(no subject)
I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and I'm getting to the stage where every twinge has me start thinking about going into labour. Its daft cos I know what labour feels like and I know that all I've been getting are the occasional Braxton Hicks contractions with a bit of pressure in my pelvis and on my cervix.

I guess reading all the birth stories and seeing photos of everyone's gorgeous babies is making me all the more eager to meet mine. Any other of us later ones feeling this way?
13th-Mar-2007 10:45 am - Toilet Paper Tuesday!
Ok, I get it... if I don't gain weight (or lose weight as I did the past month) then I can't really expect to go up in toilet-paper squares. I'm still at 10.5 squares of TP. And so far I've gained 5 kilo the entire pregnancy (my starting weight was 87 kilo. First trimester I lost 3 kilo, then the next trimester I gained 6 and then lost a kilo. So needless to say, I'm no skinny chicken!)

My mother in law sent me shirts, so now I have what to wear. They're nice and big (I ordered them at the beginning of the pregnancy and had no idea who much - or little weight I'd gain) but they'll be perfect to breastfeed a kid under.

I've gotten a schedule down for Passover cleaning, shopping and cooking. Having to waste a day before the holiday in the city is NOT a help. But I'll be ordering the furniture and whatnot then.

Tomorrow I start work on cleaning out the sewing room, which will become the baby's room. Not sure if any painting will be done.
12th-Mar-2007 07:41 pm - Oh Crap
30 weeks.
Wow - where did the time go?

I told my boss my last day was going to be May 11, which gives me two months left at work until I am gone.

Holy schmoly.
12th-Mar-2007 05:28 pm - free avent sample offer
geri made by me
A website I love to check up on is dealspl.us. They sometimes have really great deals... like this free Avent bottle offer. It says it takes about 8 weeks for delivery, which is great because it'll come around the same time as our babies!


(if this is against posting rules, I'm sorry and feel free to remove it)
11th-Mar-2007 04:36 pm - I want to have this baby now!
Mr Messy
I'm wondering if there is any correlation between having a first-born child and when to expect to go into labor/have the child. As a first-time (nearly) full term pregnant woman, I'm getting really excited and anxious to have this baby! So, here's a poll to see if there's anything we can deduce from our friends in the community.

Is this your first child?


If this isn't your first child, was your first child:

This is my first
born early
born on time
born late
11th-Mar-2007 01:35 pm - NEW!
1. Name (or pseudonym): chelsey.
2. Age and location: 19 on the 14th of march, tennessee.
3. Due date: may 12th, 2007.
4. Sex, if you know, or what you want: girl.
5. Possible names: amilee jean.
6. Married, partnered, or single (and age): engaged to 20 year old.
7. Other children's names and ages: no other children.

picture of me at 31 weeks.Collapse )
11th-Mar-2007 11:29 am - Request
With the end of our pregnancies nearing, the posts will be getting personal, or rather, more personal, with labor and delivery stories, photos of our blessings, names, locations and whatnot.

Would it be too much trouble to make the community/posts locked, so that only community members can read them? Or at least consider changing the status of the community.
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